My camera and the birds

A cedar waxwing enjoying the choke cherries.

This year has been one for the record books what with a pandemic that comes complete with masks, social distancing and far too many unknowns.

So like many others I have started to dabble in bird watching, taking along my trusted camera of course. You would think with so many birds around the house it would be easy. But no, as soon as the camera comes out they fly up and away before disappearing into the the tree tops, if they even stay that close.

But like everyone else I need to unglue myself from the screen and get outdoors. I am fortunate to live in the country. If only the birds would cooperate!

We don’t have bird feeders in our yard because our place came complete with a feral cat colony and I feed the cats well enough already. I’m not about to make it any easier for them to decimate the bird population.

I couldn’t help but notice that it is so much easier to get a good bird picture at the neighbours though. The ones who do have bird feeders out. It feels a little like cheating but there is more variety at the feeders. And it does make me appreciate the good shots that I get at home more.

Now that most of our birds have migrated south I expect to be taking lots of pictures of chickadees this winter, if only they will stay still long enough. Happy bird watching everyone.





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