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In spite of COVID-19 I am getting back to painting. The Rimbey Art Club Studio is again open. I am hoping that there won’t be a shut down at the Recreation Centre in town this winter because like everyone else I need to get out from time to time.

Right now I am working on a painting based on a Western Screech Owl. Working from photographs can be a little strange at times. Especially when I have never seen the actual bird that I’m painting. A photograph of a person holding this owl startled me a bit because in my mind this bird had become larger than it actually is in real life!

With this latest painting I’m working a little more freely and letting the texture of the paint provide some of the detail.

My plans to paint on some small wooden panels that I bought last spring changed when I checked the panels and I found them already developing fine cracks in the surface. Changes in humidity maybe, or possibly the wood had not been dried enough when the panels were made. So time to create some collages maybe?

As for my writing. It has been slow, but two of my short stories are making the rounds looking for a publisher. I’ll be back to working on my new novel this winter.

Stay safe everyone. I’m wishing for the best for each and everyone of you where ever you are.



Secrets, Lies & Rodeo, a novel by E.M.Schumacher
Secrets, Lies & Rodeo, a novel by E.M.Schumacher

Purchase ‘Secrets, Lies and Rodeo’ as a paperback on Amazon.ca or in ebook format on Kindle.

To shop locally, in Edmonton it’s available from Pagemaster Publishing located at 11340, 120 Street NW. You can order it from their website here. The cover will be different – the novel is the same.

Thank you for your orders and please remember that an honest review means the world to every self-published author, including me!

Contact me at artist at elmasmixedmedia dot ca.

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I’m Elma M. Schumacher, artist, writer and late-blooming geek.  This website includes my visual art, writing and my blog. Some of my other interests include SciFi and Fantasy, technology and science.

I’m forever exploring new ways to be creative and because of that especially enjoy working with mixed media.

Some of my artwork can be found in Canada Council’s Art Bank collection as well as in collections in Ontario and across Canada.

My novel ‘Secrets, Lies & Rodeo’ is now available on Amazon and Kindle. A new novel is now in progress.


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