Inktober and Twitter

Digital Abstract created for #inktober2022 ‘scurry’ prompt

I started using Twitter mainly as a news site, as well as a way to promote my art and to pursue far too many interests all at once. So it goes without saying that during these times it might not seem like that has worked out all that well for me. Especially when politics seems to take over. But one thing that keeps me on Twitter is seeing and sharing the artwork of others.

Every October the hashtag #inktober floods Twitter with drawings from all over the world. There is a list of prompts from Jake Parker, the artist who started inktober in 2009. Despite the controversy surrounding this annual event, sharing art in the month of October remains something that I look forward to. There are also a whole slew of alternative prompt lists to choose from as well.

I try to take part, usually can’t keep a daily drawing schedule but every day I still share drawings by other artists that evoke strong feelings, or are just fun or unusual. For me, it works pretty well as a time line cleanse.

For all of us seeing the work of others has always moved us to improve our own. Artists have always inspired and encouraged each other in this way. It can be a reminder that the world is not always a such a dark place.

I’ll try to keep up again when the #adventcalendar hashtag encourages all of us to share our artwork daily in December. Until then I’ll be limiting my time on social media and doing my best to share more of what I enjoy.






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