Baby it’s cold outside!

Digital art by E.M.Schumacher, ‘Blue Kitten’

It is January in Alberta, and until today I felt incredibly fortunate to be able to enjoy mild winter days for several weeks. Today that all changed. It was minus 18 celsius when I got up this morning and felt more like minus 25 with the wind chill. Tomorrow will be the same and next week milder, but not as mild as it has been.

I spent almost two weeks finishing quilts for my Mother, who due to her age can no longer manage to do much sewing. Had a few trips into town, one into the city, generally kept on top of things at home and for the art club, as well as getting a little bit of dog walking in, but like they say, time flies.

January, a month where I always pin my hopes on getting back to doing more creative work is almost over. The good news is that I finally got my hands on that container of acrylic pouring medium that I was after and the way is clear to getting back to the studio in town and painting.

Before we know it February will be over too, but thankfully March includes a few extra days. And I’m well on the way to building a routine that includes time for making art. Setting aside time to do the things that matter isn’t easy but it’s necessary.

So I have done my best not to waste winter days; they are great for catching up on things that need to get done but we all have to remember to set aside time for ourselves.





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