My new website.

‘Cosmic Flower (black)’ by E.M.Schumacher. Digital print based on an acrylic painting on canvas.

I’m working on getting my new website, along with my new url, up and running.  Well it’s been up, but not exactly running.

I’ve been wrestling with ‘what an artist’s website needs to be’.  There are so many wonderful artist’s sites out there that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I have been stuck in other words.

As an artist and writer it feels like there are too many sides to what I do to fit it all neatly into one website.  From all the advice for artists that I’ve found online, what I’ve come away with is this;

  • I need to create a brand
  • I should stick to one direction only in my work, and only one so I don’t confuse people.
  • I should be able to identify exactly who the people are that I don’t want to confuse.

Good advice I suppose, but it doesn’t feel like it fits me. Becoming a ‘brand’ just doesn’t appeal. So I’m back to where I started many long years ago.  This is my blog.  I am going to promote my new novel here and talk about my struggles making art.  I will try hard, harder than ever to post on a schedule, at least twice a month.  Maybe even once a week.


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